Invisible antislip protection for floors and bathtubs

Invisible antislip is a longlasting floor safety treatment that prevents accidents on slippery surfaces like wet floors and bathtubs.

Invisible antislip is:

Invisible antislip can be applied to all types of stone surfaces such as tiles, clinkers and concrete.

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Invisible antislip for floors

Use invisible antislip on floors in the kitchen, the laundry room, on the patio, around the pool or other areas where tiles, clinkers or concrete floors are used.

Invisible antislip is an exellent solution to prevent accidents caused by slips and skidding.

The treatment is simple, no reconstruction is necessary. Just apply invisible antislip on the surface and leave it on for 40 minutes, then rinse of the solution with water and the surface is antislip protected, even when wet.

Invisible antislip leaves no residue, is longlasting and does not damage the surface.

Invisible antislip for bathtubs

A simple one-step-process for safer and non-slippery bathtubs. One measure that lasts for several years and doesn't leave any traces.

To treat the bathtub you apply invisible antislip on the bathtub and leave it on for 40 minutes. You then rinse the solution of with water and the treatment is done and your bathtub is no longer slippery, even when wet.

Get rid of rubber mats

Eliminate the need for rubber mats and other materials and leave your bathtub with a clean and fresh look.